Esport News – Wunder and Mikyx on how they were surprised by the LEC’s assent to the top


Many League of Legends fans and analysts know that Europe has become one of the strongest regions in the world over this past year. In an interview with CNN Sport, G2 Esports’ Martin “Wunder” Hansen and Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle explained that they too were surprised by how strong the region has become over the past year.

“Coming out of Worlds 2018, you could kind of see it as a fluke that Fnatic made finals and [G2] made semis,” Wunder said. “But I think going into MSI, I don’t know if the Asian teams underperformed, but I think we have a way better shot at actually competing with them now.”

CNN Sport on Twitter

As @Splyce looks to make it three European teams in the #Worlds2019 group stage, @G2Mikyx and @G2Wunder say that the biggest surprise for them in League this year was the strength of Europe. @G2Esports @CarlosR @LEC

Even Mikyx acknowledged that in the past, Korean and Chinese teams were the favorites to win most international events. It was a hard pill for most Western fans to swallow—that the teams for the East were simply too good for European and North American teams to handle.

With the rise of G2, Fnatic, and Team Liquid, the age of dominance that the East has had over the League scene is shaking a bit. Several analysts have said that G2 has one of the highest chances to win the Summoner’s Cup through their unorthodox drafting, great team play, and strong individual lanes. They’ve already shown their prowess at MSI 2019, where they were able to beat SK Telecom T1 to reach the event’s finals.

Get ready to watch G2 in action when the Worlds 2019 Main Event begins on Saturday, October 12. Their first match will be against South Korea’s second seed, Griffin.

Source : Wunder and Mikyx on how they were surprised by the LEC’s assent to the top

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