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Ahead of the first-ever International held in China, has localized their visual branding and identity for Chinese audiences, all exclusively for TI9.

In an article posted on’s official website, the dominant CIS Dota 2 team has revealed a specially crafted, distinctly Chinese rebranding strategy in collaboration with Russian design agency, Quberten Design. 

Numerous design elements have been changed. VP will trade in their vintage orange for red, widely regarded as an auspicious color for the Chinese. 

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The Chinese Dota 2 community is well-known for christening Western players with their own nicknames. VP has embraced them, printing the Mandarin nicknames along with their actual IGNs.

The Chinese nickname for is pronounced ‘Wei Pi’, which is roughly transliterated from the team’s common abbreviation. It translates to “mighty strike”, a reference to the team’s blitzkrieg playstyle, and has been incorporated into their new logo.

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Roman Dvoryankin,’s general manager, said: “August is full of great news for us. We have launched our Weibo account and a unique visual identity for the main esports event of the year. I hope that our players will show some great Dota play at the tournament as well. China is a strategic market for us, and we’ve tried to pay respect and attention to local traditions.”

This is not the first time VP has rebranded for TI, as they did so last year after a partnership with Megafon, prompting their controversial colorway switch to green and purple. While that was a rebrand for the entire organization, the prominent Chinese design switch is exclusively Dota 2’s TI9 event. will head into TI9 with brand new jerseys and a chip on their shoulder, as they enter once again as hot favorites. Will they live up to their expectations, or crash and burn before top four again? The International begins Aug. 15.

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