Esport News – PSG.LGD draws series vs. Newbee, loses second game to a mega creeps comeback


Chinese juggernaut PSG.LGD will be shaking their heads at a game two loss to Newbee, with the negative result stemming from crucial mistakes committed by their core players.

While the first game was a total stomp in LGD’s favor, the second game will leave them scratching their heads as they held the mega creeps advantage and promptly managed to still drop the game. 

LGD’s first game was a simple affair from the TI8 runner-ups. In a perplexing draft from Newbee, LGD picked up some of the most contested heroes in TI9, and showed why they were often banned from use.

Enchantress OP

Clip of dota2ti_3 Playing Dota 2 – Clipped by dr4gonbl4z3r_dota

Yang “Chalice”‘ Shenyi’s Enchantress proved impossible to kill, despite Newbee throwing everything the could at the hero. Coupled with the insane teamfight potential from Warlock, Faceless Void, and Kunkka, Newbee was forced to call GG in less than 25 minutes.

Last teamfight

Clip of dota2ti_3 Playing Dota 2 – Clipped by dr4gonbl4z3r_dota

Newbee started off game two with some unconventional picks in a mid Gyro and a support Invoker. It didn’t seem to pay off in the mid-game, with Lu “Somnus’ Yao’s middle Leshrac dictating the pace of the game. LGD pulled Newbee all over the map, forcing objectives and kills with the domineering magic pony.

Yet, Newbee managed to hold on by keeping their morale high and eyes keen, showing that their first-day performance wasn’t a fluke. An opportunity to turn the tides came and Newbee pounced without hesitation. Arif “MSS” Anwar’s support Invoker that started the game poorly, fully displayed late game that the hero wasn’t just gimmicky support. 

LGD failed to close out the game, losing their nerve as the time dragged on. Crucial mistakes from LGD’s usually reliable Wang “Ame” Chunyu and Somnus proved to be the Chinese giant’s downfall. In an attempt to save his midlaner, Ame used Chronosphere on Somnus, giving the enemy Invoker all the time in the world to rain hellfire on LGD.

Although LGD managed to get mega creeps, Newbee turned on the jets and headed down mid, using Sven’s immense damage to take down the Ancient and win their first game of the day.

Despite getting stomped in game one, Newbee showed incredible resilience to take game two from a favored team. The North American team will be relieved to have a 3-3 record, after having faced multiple giants in Team Liquid, Team Secret, and LGD within their first three series. With how well they’ve played so far, Newbee just might be a dark horse contender for the remainder of TI.

LGD will be disappointed with the results, as they slip further away from the top spot of the group. Secret put Keen Gaming to the sword and completed another clean sweep. Secret now leads Group A with a 8-0 record, while LGD retains the second spot with a 6-2 record.

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Source : PSG.LGD draws series vs. Newbee, loses second game to a mega creeps comeback

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