Esport News – Promisq returns as G2 Esports’ substitute support until Worlds 2019


As the 2019 Summer Split ramps up, European powerhouse G2 Esports has stocked up on some backup talent for its League of Legends roster. The team has re-signed Hampus “Promisq” Mikael Abrahamsson as its substitute support player for the rest of the year.

This means that Promisq will be on the team for the 2019 LEC Summer Split, Rift Rivals 2019 and Worlds 2019. He first joined G2 back in March, but only saw a little bit of playing time during the regular season.

G2 Esports on Twitter

We’re delighted to announce that @promisqxd will remain on our roster as a substitute for the #LEC Summer Split, Rift Rivals, and Worlds! 🏆 💪 📰

The 25-year-old veteran joined G2 Esports as a substitute for Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle after the team learned that its talented support had been dealing with wrist pain throughout the past year. The pain had gotten worse over the 2019 Spring Split, prompting G2 to pick up a replacement support in order to give Mikyx the necessary time to heal.

As a result, Promisq got some playing time near the end of last season, even though he didn’t find much success—the team lost both games he subbed in for. Still, his presence was necessary for the sake of Mikyx’s health.

With Promisq staying, G2 can avoid taking any risks with Mikyx and his wrists. The 20-year-old star support has been instrumental in G2’s victories and should be given plenty of time to rest if they can spare it. There are plenty of international tournaments left in the year and if this superteam wants to continue its global dominance, it’ll have to keep Mikyx’s wrist health in mind for the rest of 2019.

Source : Promisq returns as G2 Esports’ substitute support until Worlds 2019

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