Esport News – Is League Down? How to Check Problems, Outages, and Server Status


League of Legends isn’t the most stable game.

Despite its huge player base and roaring esports scene, its servers are nothing to write home about. They tend to malfunction, kicking players out from matches or preventing them from joining altogether. If Summoner’s Rift isn’t down, it’s the client or even the store.

Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to determine whether the issue is on Riot’s end or because of your computer. If you can’t connect to the servers, the root of the problem might be with your internet service provider. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Thankfully, there are a few easy methods to check if League is down.

Riot’s official service status

Screengrab via Riot Games

If you suspect that League is down and you can’t connect to the client or join a game, then Riot’s Service Status page is your best bet. 

It’s not always totally accurate, but it should give you a good idea of what’s happening. If everything is in working order, the Game subsection, the Client, and the Store will be lit up green. If something is wrong and the servers are down, they’ll be red.

To change from the default North American region, simply navigate to the dropdown menu in the top right corner and select your server.


Screengrab via Downdetector

Another good way to see if League is down is by checking Downdetector.

The website shows a comprehensive timeline of server issues in the last 24 hours. If League is down, then the site will likely have an influx of reports, as well as comments in the comment section below.

It also has a handy Live Outage Map, pinpointing server issues in each country.

Riot Games Support Twitter

Screengrab via Twitter

The last option is to check Riot Games Support on Twitter. If there’s a major issue with League’s servers, Riot will be sure to tweet about it.

Source : Is League Down? How to Check Problems, Outages, and Server Status

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