Esport News – Fortnite’s BRUTE invisibility glitch is fixed in the v10.10 update, Epic confirms


Fortnite’s giant robot vehicle B.R.U.T.E. is causing more chaos than players predicted. Epic is finally taking action to fix it to some extent after both anonymous and famous players complained about it being in the game, and the company is fixing an invisibility glitch in the next update.

“Just wanted to drop in and confirm this issue is resolved in the v10.10 update,” Sean “MrPopo” Hamilton wrote on Reddit. Even though he didn’t say when the update is coming, players should expect it to drop between Aug. 13 and 15, which are the usual days of Fortnite’s weekly updates.

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Players reported last week that their game was unable to load the B.R.U.T.E. when opponents were inside it, and it seems to be a glitch that happens at random and not necessarily to the entire lobby.

One of these players shared a video proving that the glitch is real and how he somehow was the only one in his party unable to see the robot. He could still see the robot’s deadly rockets being shot out of nowhere and exploding in front of him, who was unable to predict where they were coming from.

It seems that this glitch is rare, and very few users confirmed it’s also happened to them. Most said they came across the glitch in a single match and were unable to reproduce it later and never saw it happen again.

But a fix for this kind of glitch probably became a priority for Epic Games, which had to make sure it won’t happen during the first week of Fortnite Champion Series competition on Aug. 17. Professional players have been complaining about the B.R.U.T.E. being overpowered, so letting a glitch make it invisible could worsen the relationship between Epic and professional players.

Source : Fortnite’s BRUTE invisibility glitch is fixed in the v10.10 update, Epic confirms

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